Albert I'm Stein

As a child Diego Kim was a proud science geek and was fully in love with all things science, specialising in Chemistry and Physics 

Diego gained the nickname Stein, (after Albert Einstein) and many of his childhood friends still call him this today, 

Diego went on to study and work within the field for many years. However, Diego had another passion, he was obsessed by fashion, and began studies in his quiet time to allow his creative juices to flow, Geek by day but Chic by night. 

After winning many awards Diego followed his heart and fashion design became his career of choice although he would never turn his back on the young science geek that had been a part of him since the beginning. 

Some years later Diego had been intrigued by eyewear and had begun to work on some projects with key eyewear manufacturers before beginning his own personal project just a few years ago

Albert Im'Stein was launched and Diego is still obsessed by the detail of the frame manufacturer and with his physics background and fashion design skill he works on every element being perfect. 

Diego has a passion for fusing Mazzuchelli Acetate and Titanium and this is very difficult to do well, he prides himself in this area and you see this in the quality of this combination within the collection. 

Not wanting to make collection simply around his bias, Diego also works with other specialist designers to ensure the collection remains on trend. 

Diego does not label male and female within the collections, simply if it fits and it looks great and feels great, then you must own it


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